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Our book is Berger, K. (2014).  The Developing Person, Through the Life Span (9th ed.).   New York:  Worth.
Using the textbook for guidance, but in your own words, what are teratogens?  Identify at least five teratogens and describe their effects on the developing embryo.  Finally, what advice would you give to expectant mothers about their behaviors while pregnant, based on your new knowledge of teratogens?  You may use additional sources (such as other websites) in your description and advice.  Remember to use appropriate citations!
Write your essay in a word processing program ( providing 250-300 words ) and save the essay to your computer as a .doc or docx file (Microsoft Word format).    This is the format we will use for most essays in this course. Click the link above called Teratogens assignment submission and attach your file.  View Submitting an Assignment if you need help with this step.   Be sure to click the Submit button or I will not receive your file. 
This assignment will help you understand how some teratogens cause physical impairment to the embryo or fetus when maternal behavior does not include the use of good personal health practices to protect against prenatal complications.
This assignment is worth 20 points.  It is due by 11:59 p.m. on Sunday of the third week.  Late assignments will be reduced by 3 points for each day late and will no longer be accepted 1 week after the due date. 
This assignment will be graded based upon the accuracy of your definitions and descriptions as well as the quality of your application/advice. 
Your work will also be graded for writing quality.  Proofread for spelling and grammar as numerous writing errors will reduce your grade by 10%.  References are required on this assignment and failure to properly reference assignments in APA format will result in 10% grade reduction.