What factors are important for you in considering this issue?

Opinion based discussions
1 and a half paragraphs each
A proposed amendment to the Georgia State Constitution will eliminate the current county-based property tax system and replace it with a statewide property tax system.
Would you support / vote for this amendment? What factors are important for you in considering this issue?
Here’s another hypothetical scenario:
Governor Kersey has appointed you to lead a state commission for economic development in Georgia. You must develop a strategy for improving the state’s economy. What will you suggest? What are your long-term goals for the state?
3 sentences each
No, I wouldn’t vote for this amendment to be put in place. I believe the county-based property tax system is put in place for a reason and is working for us already, so why try to fix it? County’s set the rate of taxes and receive the revenue from that, therefore can use it for leverage and benefit greatly. A area that has a higher tax rate is mostly likely generating lots of revenue and putting it towards making the community even better, such as improving schools, libraries, and parks. This creates a prestigious and safe community that people aspire to be like. If this were to be a statewide property tax, all counties would be the same and it would not matter what part of town you move to. Also, counties differ greatly based on their resources. A county in Atlanta does not compare and cannot have the same amount of tax rate as a county in south Georgia. This is because of the large amount of jobs, people, and resources that Atlanta has. Atlanta also has a very scarce amount of land, therefore property tax rates should be higher because of scarcity whereas south Georgia has a great amount of land and less amount of people.
I would not vote for this legislation. I like the idea of my tax dollars going to my local officials and public utilities. The money can immediately be used to hire police and fire rescue. It can help pay teachers a better wage and it can help build and secure the roads we drive on everyday. Every year the state takes my tax dollars to support whatever state programs that they feel are necessary. In this case, I would much rather the county that I live in, receive the funds from my property taxes. Another issue that I have with this legislation is the fact that not every county pays the same amount in taxes. In other counties, the property tax rate may very from higher to lower and if we are all paying different amounts, I want the money that I am paying to go to the things that benefit me and my community.