What does health care mean to you?

HCS 310, Week 1 Consumers Perspective on Health Care Complete the Consumers Perspective on Health Care questionnaire. Answer each question based on your personal experiences as a consumer receiving health care services. Questions are related to real life experiences of services received, satisfaction with services, changes you have seen or experienced over time, benefits you have for insurance coverage, and local/national legislative changes you are aware of and their effects on or anticipated impact on your health care services as a consumer. Be prepared to discuss your completed responses in Week One. 1. What does health care mean to you? 2. Are you currently employed in a health care delivery setting? If no, explain your interest in health care delivery in the United States. 3. Do you feel health care is your right or your privilege? Explain. 4. How often do you access health care? Explain your answer. a. Seldom (every other year or longer) 5. Annually 6. Are you able to see your physician promptly? Explain. 7. Do you have delays in seeing any specialists? Explain. 8. Have you noticed any changes in the way health care services are delivered in the US? Explain. 9. Are you experiencing increased costs to you for health care services? (Increased co-pays, medications, etc.) Explain. 10. Do you feel confident with the competency and skill of health care professionals delivering health care services? If no, explain why you do not feel confident in the health care services they deliver? a. Physicians? Y/N b. Nurses? Y/ N c. Other Allied Health Y/N 11. If you could change one aspect of health care in the US, what would that be? Explain.