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As powerful as technology has become in the everyday work environment, we must now question where the technology is taking us. Additionally, what does the future hold for technology and analyzing data?In this assignment, you will address these questions by developing a PowerPoint presentation that includes supporting data.At a minimum, the following components should be included in your presentation:four slides that examine the evolution of technology in training,four slides that examine the future of technological advancements that support successful training efforts, and four slides that summarize how technology contributes to producing training needs analysis.The presentation should consist of at least 14 slides; there should be 12 slides of content as well as a title slide and a reference slide. You must use at least two sources, with one being the textbook and the other being academic in nature from any database within the Waldorf Online Library. Be sure to cite any sources used on the reference slide with proper APA style.Information about accessing the grading rubric for this assignment is provided below.