Please reply both post discussion. Respond to discussion answer below. Response each with at least 150 word in your own word. My peers answer this…

Please reply both post discussion.Respond to discussion answer below. Response each with at least 150 word in your own word. My peers answer this given quote and you need to respond to their answer. If you agree with them, explain why you agree/ Be specific. Reply to both Mike and Sara discussion post.
“The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected.” Robert Frost
1.     Mike answer this quote>>>The quote holds a lot to be true about our everyday experiences and how we might change what we did in the past with the knowledge we now know. The defining relationship for me with this quote is in my school life. If I would have known when I was preparing to graduate high school that I wanted to be a nurse I would have taken some AP courses before going to college to get ahead of the financial burden education has come out to be and I would finish college in my 4 years or less. Instead I am going on year 9 of my undergraduate with only 2 associates degrees to speak for and an endless pit of student loan debt. There are some things I wish I could warn my younger self about, but if it was not for those experiences I potentially would not have my husband or daughter in my life now. My work relationship has to do with the amount of time I have spent in school so those two relationships are definitely linked but again if I could go back and my work life I do not think I would as those experiences have given such great knowledge and life skills that many others do not have. 
Overall, the quote “the afternoon knows what the morning never suspected” leads us to doubt our past experiences and journey through life. Although the choices I have made may not have always been the most wise, they have shaped who I am as a person today, so I do not think I would redo things of my past because of what I know today. Expect for my education choices, but there again I may not have met my husband if I had taken the traditional educational path. 
2.  Sara Answer this quote>>>>   This quote to me can mean that live life one day at a time, you are never to expect the outcome of your day till the end of it. We should get up every morning and not take anything for granted whether, it is at work or exceeding well in school or within our everyday life. We can achieve a goal when we set our mind to accomplish it. Think of your day as it’s going to be great, always think positive, never treat life casually, you never know what to suspect at work, school or at home, everything can be going well and all of sudden it can change from good to bad or the other way around. You can’t see what’s ahead, but you can always look back. Making the best out of life each day and always look forward in life, you never know what your gonna get.