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For this module’s major assignment, you will find someone who is willing to be your mentoree for at least three sessions. Use the blank template for your “Downward” 3-T Chart and post your draft in the appropriate thread in the discussion board area by the end of the first week so that I may give you my feedback before you start your mentoring relationship with your mentoree. My feedback is your “Upward Mentoring” and is a requirement, not an option.
Once I have approved your draft, you may start your downward mentoring sessions with your mentoree. After each session, you will write your evaluation of that session. Once all the sessions are completed and you have finalized your chart, you will have a conversation with a classmate (“Peer Mentoring”) sharing your experiences, and 1) record the feedback observations your peer gave you about your experience and 2) record the feedback observations you gave your peer about his or her mentoring experience. You are peers to each other and gave each other peer mentoring. Now your assignment is complete and you can post the final 3-T Chart in the designated thread.
Tips on Mentoring topics: You may choose any task in which your mentoree is willing to learn from you. It may be discipleship based or even how to change the oil in a car, or how to bake a cake. The purpose of this assignment is for you to learn how to use the chart to write an intentional plan, how to adapt it as needed once the sessions have started, and how to evaluate the progress.