Dental Needs – Class Assignments Help

Dental NeedsOrder DescriptionThis is not your typical academic abstract. Please design a magazine-style page to share your practicum experience with others. We will compile all of the individual pages into an e-magazine that will be posted online.Templates are provided—you may use one of them or create your own, but please include the same material and maintain the margins at 0.5 on all sides.Text for your article:Brief Overview: This will be the “article” you will write under the title section, basically, who, what, when, where, why and how…you might want to include…ApproachHow did you make progress on this topic?Summarize your method / Describe procedures used.FindingsWhat is your final product? What is the bottom line?Public Health SignificanceWhy is this topic an important public health issue/problem/concern?Which one or two essential services of public health did your project address?Why do we care? What is the scope?• Include your DIVISION (or REG, INT or STEER, etc.) at the beginning of your file name?• Include a brief topic (just a few words, such as HIV/AIDS or Teenage Pregnancy) in your file name?• Include a descriptive title on the e-magazine page itself?• Write a brief overview of your practicum experience?• Write about the public health significance of your practicum experience?• Put YOUR NAME, SITE and TOPIC in the footer?• Include photos or graphics related to your topic?o If you used photos of people, did you get the photo release form signed? (Not necessary for students.)o If you used other images, did you provide a SOURCE???• Fill in all of the ‘blanks’—that is, did you replace ALL of the template text with text of your own? (Highlights section, for example)• Proofread your page for grammar, spelling, and sentence flow?• Save your document as:DivAbbr_LastName_FirstName_ TOPIC _Summer2015