Briefly describe the architecture design of this library system.

Bob wanted to become a member at his local library. He went in and filled out an application form with his name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number and gave it to the librarian, Alice. Alice logged into the system with her id and created a new membership for Bob. She then provided Bob with his new library card, and a login and password to his account.
· Bob wanted to borrow two novels by C.S. Lewis, but he couldn’t remember their names. He used one of the computers at the library to search for the books by using the author’s name. He found the titles he wanted, which were “The Chronicles of Narnia” and “The Space Trilogy”. The first book was shown as available, and the second book was shown as out on loan.
· Using his new login and password, Bob logged into his account and requested the book “The Space Trilogy” in order to recall it, so that when the book was returned it would be held for him at the library.
· Bob then went to the stacks and found the book “The Chronicles of Narnia” on the shelf, and waited in line at the desk to check it out. He presented his ID card, and checked out the book with the librarian.
· Before leaving the library, Bob saw his friend Simon. He chatted with Simon (quietly), and asked if he was a member and came to the library often. Simon said yes he was, and that he came every day before work and read both the local paper and the New York Times in the periodicals room. He liked that the library provided the papers, so that he did not need to buy them both himself.
· Bob was very anxious to read “The Space Trilogy”, so every day at home he would login to the library system and check the status of the book. Every day its status showed as recalled, but finally one day its status changed to reserved, which meant that it was ready for him to pick up. He brought “The Chronicles of Narnia” with him since he had finished it, and put it in the slot outside the library to return it.
· By the time Bob finished reading “The Space Trilogy” it was overdue. For this reason, when he returned it to the library, rather than dropping in the slot outside, he went to the librarian at the desk to return it and paid the fine on his account.
· After two years, Bob needed to move to another city. He went to library and cancelled his library membership with the librarian.
Please answer the following questions, and submit your assignment as a single Word document with all diagrams inserted into that one document:
1. Identify all actors and use cases from the above description and draw a use case diagram for this library system.
2. Draw a class diagram (or split it into multiple diagrams if it cannot fit in one diagram) for entity objects based on the above description. For each class show the class name, major attributes and operations. Draw associations between classes, and indicate multiplicity at the association endings.
3. Draw a state diagram to show the status change of a book in library.
4. Briefly describe the architecture design of this library system.