Analyze one of the jobs you performed before

Discussion questions
Question 1: Analyze one of the jobs you performed before. List the tasks (no more than 10) you performed in a typical week. Indicate (1) importance of each task, (2) time consumed of each task, and (3) easiness to acquire the needed KSAO on-the-job. Finalize with a list of prioritized needs for training. Based on the above three points you listed for the tasks, explain how the information affect your prioritization.
Question 2: Chapter 6 explains many training methods. Identify a training need in your organization and rank three most suitable training methods for the promoted training program. Explain why these methods are best fit with the program.
Question 3: Chapter 7 introduces many methods to collect information on evaluation. List three methods that you consider as the most effective ones and elaborate on your reasoning. Are these the most popular methods used in your organization? Are the theoretically most effective methods also practically most popular ones?
(USE THIS BOOK FOR ONE OF THE RESOURCES)Human Resource Development – 7th Edition – 2017
J.M. Werner